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In the Residential sector we offer the following:

Home Surveys

Buying a home is probably the largest and most expensive purchase you are ever likely to make. A Pre Purchase Survey is invaluable in avoiding undetected problems which may manifest themselves when it is too late to reconsider the purchase. To find out exactly what you are buying, why not consider a condition survey?

There are three types of Survey that could be undertaken, namely:

Condition Surveys
These are the most comprehensive type of Survey that can be undertaken on your prospective new home. We look at and understand the construction of a property. Condition Surveys investigate the methods and type of construction used in building your home and identifies any defects that are found with recommendations on how to rectify them. You will need a Condition Survey prior to exchanging Contracts as rectification of some defects can be a costly exercise and should be reflected in the purchase price. Obviously the length of time it takes to undertake a Survey of this nature will be determined by the size of the property and the complexity of its construction.

Home Buyers Report
These are normally undertaken on newer and smaller properties and are prepared on a standard format produced by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Home Buyers Reports deal, principally, with any defects that are found. Again this type of Report will need to be prepared prior to exchange of Contracts and the value of any defects that are identified may be offset against the purchase price. The length of time taken to prepare this type of Report will be determined by the size and type of construction of the property.

Defects Reports
These can be undertaken either prior to the purchase of your home where a specific defect has been identified or once you own your home. It focuses on a specific problem, for example, potential subsidence or settlement.

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